Easter Egg Bath Popz Available Now

Large Bath Popz with Incredibles figurines (set of 4)

Large Bath Popz with Incredibles figurines (set of 4)

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Set of large yellow color changing Bath Popz (These will become orange. Nobody wants to be sitting in a tub full of yellow water)

Scent: Pina Colada

Organic oil moisturizer

Random Incredibles figurines in each ball

Each ball is ~ 2.5" in diameter

Free shipping in the Continental United States

Each ball shrink-wrapped to ensure freshness and each set comes in a burlap gift bag

Colors and oils easily wash out of tub after use

If you would like a custom scent, color or toy please email us


Please note: These toys are metal, we tested them by keeping them in our Bath Popz for 1 month then having them used in a bath. There was no rust or damage to the paint however we cannot guarantee long term storage on these toys. Please use them within 1 month of purchase.