Easter Egg Bath Popz Available Now

Large Bath Popz No Toy (Adult set of 4) Random

Large Bath Popz No Toy (Adult set of 4) Random

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Why should the kids get all the fun? Spoil yourself and enjoy an aromatherapy soak while you moisturize yourself with a mango butter base and relax your muscles with Epsom and Dead Sea Salts.

Random mix of scents: Mango Passion, Caribbean Cruise, Pina Colada, etc

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Bubble/foaming mix, they don't hiss but they do foam as they release their organic ingredients

Assorted solid or mixed colors

Color and oils easily wash out of bath after use

Each ball shrink-wrapped to ensure freshness and the set is packaged in a burlap gift bag.

Each Popz weighs about 4 oz and is 2.5" in diameter

If you would like custom colors or scents e-mail us directly
Dry Hand Scrub: Massage an olive-sized amount in to your hands for about 1 minute then wash off. Use every 2-3 days for best results.