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I have this short prepared message...

In the beginning: Sara was desperate, she needed the kids to stay in the bath for 5 minutes so she would have time to clean up their latest "creation"... but 3 seconds in, the familiar sound of "moooooom" started winding its way through the house. She needed a distraction, something to keep them busy, something that would make the bath smell nice with Essential Oils and make their skin feel soft and smooth afterward with its Organic Oils, something that was made with non-toxic, non-gmo, cruelty-free materials. The kids wanted something with a toy in it. 

She found bath bombs online, but the toys inside were weak, anemic, bleh. Some would crumble before she could use them, others wouldn't fizz... in the beginning, there was a void.

So she made them herself in a manner that she wished she could buy... and after many trials they came out well... and she found them to be to her liking... and she gave them to the children... and the children looked at them... and they were good.