Easter Egg Bath Popz Available Now

About Our Stuff

What's in our stuff you ask?

I'm glad you asked!

Bath Popz contain some (or all) of these ingredients:

(If you are allergic to any of this please don't use our stuff)

Baking Soda

Epsom Salt

Dead Sea Salts

(started out as live sea salts, died during shipping)

Citric Acid

Corn Starch

Mica Powder

Vitamin E oil

Non-toxic Dye

(the toxic dye was too expensive)

Organic Moisturizing Oils

Essential Oils and/or Organic Soap Scents

Quality Toy - not suitable for children under 3

SLSA (sodium laurel sulfoacetate... say that 3 times fast!) - a foaming bubbling agent found in items like toothpaste, shampoo, bubble baths etc. It's supposed to be ok for sensitive skin. Currently in only some of our Bath Popz.

Secret Ingredient... Very Secret... Actually it's mostly just perseverance and hard work... but we love doing this so it doesn't feel like work... so that works for us... except it doesn't feel like work... so it doesn't work for us?... I'm going to stop typing now.