Easter Egg Bath Popz Available Now

Rosh Hashana Set 2020

Rosh Hashana Set 2020

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This set is being offered for a limited time!

Enjoy a moisturizing, soothing apple-scented soak with these Bath Popz that will leave you feeling generous enough to forgive everyone!

The fizzing and foaming action of these Popz will help trap the scent and oils while you bathe, leaving you feeling and smelling great for longer.

The Almond and Honey dry soaps will leave your hands and body feeling smooth, silky and clean!

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Set includes 2 Apple scented Popz and 2 Honey-Almond scented soaps with one soap rack.

Color and oils easily wash out of tub after use

Each ball shrink-wrapped to ensure freshness and set is packaged in a burlap gift bag.

Each Popz weighs about 5.5 oz and is 2.5" in diameter